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Technical equipment

Xiashun has the world leading aluminum slab, sheet and foil production line installed with full automation control and highly reliable plant and machineries performing at the highest level.

Rolling equipment

Xiashun imported the world leading rolling mills from Germany which are equipped with a series of automatic systems such as the automatic loading/unloading system, automatic roll changing system etc. The fully automatic rolling mill significantly reduces dependence on labor forces, and improves production efficiency.

Automatic gauge control system and automatic flatness control system

Xiashun is equipped with world-class automatic gauge control (AGC) and automatic flatness control (AFC) systems together with equipment such as gauge thickness measurement and BFI flatness roller etc. imported from Germany. The high precision, high accuracy and excellent stability of these equipment will ensure perfect flatness and minimum gauge deviation in aluminum foil production.

Slitting equipment

Xiashun imported a complete set of slitting equipment from Germany, equipped with an excellent tension detection system, the highly sensitive machine is able to adjust the coiling tension effectively and continuously which will ensure the quality of aluminum foil coiling, and smooth operation of the subsequent annealing process, and also able to achieve real-time monitoring on the surface quality of the aluminum foil during the slitting process.

Thin-shearing and high-precision cutting equipment

Xiashun is equipped with advanced thin-shearing and high precision edge-trimming cutter system and operation control system. The battery foil products cut with such equipment feature sharp edges with less cutting burrs and less aluminum scraps of smaller sizes can be used for the production of high-end power battery foil products.

Online testing equipment

Xiashun is equipped with a number of advanced online surface detection systems and online pinhole detection systems.

Offline testing equipment

Xiashun is equipped with offline flatness detection equipment, optical gauge thickness measuring machine, functional performance testing machine, microscope, scanning electron microscope (SEM) etc.

Annealing furnaces

The advanced aluminum foil annealing furnaces are installed with PLC control system for the annealing process. All blowers have adopted the alternate current (AC) drives, which will not only ensure excellent annealing performance, but also achieve energy saving objective with energy saving rate well above 30%.

Fully automatic aluminum foil separator

Type 2000 aluminum foil rolling mill with automatic gauge and flatness control

LHC low-liquid-level casting machine

Fully automatic“2450”1+1 hot rolling line

Automatic high rack warehouse with spaces for 800 rolls

Management system

Xiashun has established a number of management systems such as ISO Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety, Information Security, Energy, Green House and IATF16949 Automotive Quality Management System. The World-Class Manufacturing (WCM) system in place in Xiashun combines and integrates the various requirements of these systems at functional and operational level.

ISO 9001

ISO 14001

ISO 45001



IATF 16949

ISO 14064

ISO 14044

ISO 27001

ISO 50001

Quality monitoring

Focus on the reduction of losses and the improvement of quality and safety by introducing the WCM, a world-class plant management system.

Monitor the entire production process and product quality using scientific methods and qualitative tools.

Monitor product quality in real time with advanced online detection equipment, and ensure the quality of every meter of aluminium foil produced will meet customer requirements.

Analyze, study and improve product quality with advanced detection, testing and analytical equipment.

sustainable development
Energy Recycling

Installed the world's most advanced oil mist purification and recovery system to achieve energy recycling, and became the first company in China's aluminum processing industry to install such environmental protection facilities.
Improve on the recycling of aluminum scraps, actively promote the reduction of natural resource exploitation, increase the utilization of recycled resources, accomplish reasonable allocation of resources, and promote the sustainable development of aluminum industry.

Energy Saving and Emission Reduction

With effective corporate governance and low-carbon emissions, the energy consumption per unit of Xiashun's output is far lower than the energy consumption standard stipulated by the State for enterprises of similar kind. Xiashun will continue its commitment on clean production and green development to build a green manufacturing facility of national-level.

Low carbon and Environmental Protection

Xiashun promotes the ASI/CoC global standard for the aluminum value chain in order to facilitate sustainable contribution of the aluminum industrial chain to the society. Xiashun is the second company in China passing the ASI Aluminum Stewardship Initiative Performance Standard (PS) and Chain of Custody (CoC) standard management system.

Talent Development

Xiashun develops employees' potential, encourages and promotes their growth and development by developing internal trainers and establishing a Knowledge Management platform.

Supply Chain

Xiashun uses the local supply of raw materials and recyclable packaging materials, and promotes the sustainable development of upstream suppliers by building up their sustainable development capability.