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Combining more than 30 years of aluminum foil manufacturing experience with the world's leading Japanese battery foil manufacturing technology and management system, Xiashun's battery foil products have surpassed industry standards. 

The battery foil developed and manufactured by Xiashun is used in electrical vehicle batteries. With the right design of alloy and proper heat treatment of the battery foil, it ensures good electrical conductivity, lowers the internal resistance of battery cells, enhances its mechanical properties, reduces breakage in the downstream rolling process, and increases the frequency cycles of battery charging and discharging. The advanced process technology ensures consistent thickness of the aluminum foil, and high yield in the downstream production of cathode. Good and consistent surface quality ensures uniform coating of cathode material by our customers. 

System Certification

Battery foil is the cathode current collectors in the lithium battery as well as the carrier of cathode material in the lithium battery. As the quality of aluminum foil directly affects the safety, cycle life and energy density of the battery, it has become an important raw and auxiliary material in lithium battery production. 

Production Process


Main Applications

Electric vehicle

5G stations

Lithium battery

Battery Foil Product Standards


Xiashun Battery Foil Product Advantages

Excellent mechanical properties

Uniform surface quality

Flat surface

Industry-leading pinhole control level

Strict control of foreign substances

High precision control of surface density

Accurate adhesion control

Stable and high dyne value

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