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Xiashun Aluminium Sheet Plant is dedicated to the production, research and development of top quality aluminum foil stock, CTP sheets and "deep drawn" high performance resistant sheets. It has developed a fully integrated production process of aluminium slab, sheet, and foil with distinct characteristics unique to Xiashun. The aluminium foil stock can be used for production of ultra-thin aluminum foil products for packaging and high precision battery foil. The CTP sheets can be used for production of top quality aluminum sheet for color printing. The high performance "deep drawn" resistant sheets can be used for production of bottle cap, aluminium medicine bottle and spherical inner pot. Xiashun Aluminium Sheet is committed to providing customers all over the world with top quality raw materials in a sustainable and stable manner.

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Aluminium foil stock

CTP sheet

Pharmaceutical container

Electric pressure cooker

Grain storage tank

The PP CAP material

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